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We've started a podcast!

We've started a podcast!

Hey friends! We're excited to share we've launched our Waste Less Live More Podcast! Check out Episode Zero to hear what it's all about!  


Greetings, friends and welcome to the waste less live more podcast. This is episode zero, pun intended, where I wanted to introduce myself and what you might be in store for in the hopes that you'll join me in this new podcasting adventure around sustainability and environmentalism. And look, you don't need to necessarily have to be the one who dives into dumpsters or goes through the trash at parties retrieving the recycling to bring it home for this to be a podcast for you. But if you do, we're here for it. This podcast is designed to help us think about solutions to current environmental issues we face every day as a community, nation and a planet, a planet that we want to keep around and keep healthy for generations to come. I want this to be a place of encouragement where we help each other take the next step, or maybe even the first step toward treading a little lighter. I'm so excited to have a great lineup of guests to discuss a wide array of topics that affects us here locally and also nationally. And if you have questions, topic or guest suggestions, please let me know. As the cheesy yet true saying goes. We're in this together. So I hope you subscribe and plan to join me on this journey toward a more sustainable life where we all strive to waste less and live more

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