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we focus on pure, everyday skincare. 

We believe simple ingredients in the right combination

make extraordinary products.

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word on the street

  • I feel spoiled every time I soak in my tub with these salts (Spa Soak + Milk Bath)! The lavender and ginseng powder helps calm my anxiety, and the salts help ease my muscles. I also like the effect of the coconut milk powder in the tub (makes the water more opaque), makes me feel like I'm at a spa!
    - Erin
  • "I cannot not express how happy this face serum makes my skin!! No matter the season, I can count on this stuff - from dry winter skin to oily summer skin! Also, I used to have a small wrinkle between my eyebrows... and either I'm squinting less or this face serum worked some magic!!"
    - Amanda
  • I LOOOOVE it (the Euro-Clay Masque)! I've been using it once a week for 3 weeks and absolutely love how it makes my skin feel. I can guarantee I will be a repeat customer.
    - C. Wilkerson
  • This soap (Laven-Grass) is seriously amazing smelling and so moisturizing as well! I've given this soap as gifts with rave reviews and it is a staple in our shower.
    - Miriam
  • Even though I've started growing a beard many times, this is literally the first time I haven't given up on it after about a week in. My wife brought the beard oil home and immediately the itchy skin was soothed, my beard was softer (which is super important if I ever want her to kiss me again), it's a bit shinier and healthier looking, and the smell is amazing. (I got the original.) Highly recommend to any guy with any kind of facial hair. Or just a face.
    - Harold
  • I started using these cleansing grains years ago, and I have never looked back! I can tell if I go too long with out using this product - my skin starts to become dull, break outs tend to show up, and is less soft. I enjoy mixing the grains with honey for a 'at home spa experience'. Even without honey, the grains have a gentle relaxing smell. These grains really do a great job exfoliating the day away!!
    - Lindsey