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Sixth and Zero

Sixth and Zero Membership Bundle for Pick Up/Delivery

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  • $ 48.00

All the fun details:
+ Sturdy cotton bag responsibly/ sustainably made
+ $48 gets you a LIFETIME membership/ 10% discount on refillable products in the Refillery (we have all the natural products for home and body from hand soap to hairspray and everything in between!)
+ You get one of each item in the photo: 10 oz laundry detergent in a mason jar, 7 oz your choice shampoo and conditioner in aluminum pump bottles, 7 oz all purpose tea tree OR Lavender cleaner in an amber glass spray bottle

*Please leave your shampoo/conditioner as well as cleaner scent preference in the checkout notes.  Shampoo/Conditioner Options: Lavender•Peppermint•Sweet Pea

P.S.  This product is for local customers only.  Please pick up within 7 days of purchase.