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Period Company

Thong Period Underwear

  • $ 12.00
Leak-free, super absorbent, designed for all sports, and yes, a thong!
Absorbs 2 tampons worth of blood
I’m the Sport thong. I mean business. I’m a thong that can absorb period blood and I could do a triathlon. I’ve got the nice discreet feeling of a thong and the serious backup of being highly absorbent. Please play the Eye of The Tiger the first time you put me on. You’ll see. 
The Sporty. Thong is made from our PeriodTech™ fabric - a super stretchy Nylon and Spandex knit that moves with you. As always, the gusset is made with organic cotton by Period Co. 
When To Wear: For moments when you need a sporty thong, You will know those moments.