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Period Company

Period Co. Swim Bikini Bottoms

  • $ 28.00

Built for swimming, absorbs 2 tampons worth of blood, perfect for pool and beach days. 

I do everything a normal great bikini does: I look good, and I’m soft and comfy, but I have two major differences.
1) I absorb period blood          
2) while swimming.

Whoah! I know that sounds pretty impressive. Here’s how it works. You slip me on, as you would regular swim bottoms, then head to the beach, the pool, or the lake. While you’re swimming, an incredibly sophisticated operation is going on: I am absorbing all your period blood on the inside of the underwear, while keeping out the water on the outside, so you don’t have that baggy feeling. Imagine never leaking again on the beach, imagine never leaving the pool to change your tampon, imagine never ever having to worry about coming out of the pool or the ocean with a tampon string hanging out - you know that moment - well it’s over. Stop imagining and start realizing! Period. Swim is here.
The only problem you’ll have with me is working out what bikini top will go well with me. Here’s a hint: all of them.