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Period Company

High-Waist Period Underwear

  • $ 14.00

Light Absorbency: Light to medium absorbency. Built for when your period is easing out of the heavy days. Absorbs up to 4 regular tampons worth of flow. I’m the perfect pair of high-waisted for when your flow begins to lessen, or for light periods. I’ve got light padding - so light you won’t feel it, but it’s just enough to make you feel safe and absorb any leaks. I’m also great for periods that can’t quite end and you have those slow exit days where you’ve got a tiny bit of a flow and still need something and don’t want to commit to a tampon, but don’t want to risk a leak. I also bring a light mood with me. You’re welcome.  When to wear: on light days or every day if you have a light period. Great for the gym.

Heavy Cotton: Super absorbent. Built for heavy days. Absorbs 9 tampons worth of flow or five pads. I’m made of soft, comfy organic cotton and have a four-layer padded towel absorbency that holds your flow. I have a wicking layer on top, so I can absorb the blood super fast with no wetness. You will feel padding, but frankly, on those heavy days, feeling secure, safe, and leak proof is a pretty great feeling, alongside being so comfy and cozy. Warning: after you use me once, you will look at tampons and disposable pads and pretend you don’t know them. Be cold. They deserve it.  When to wear: on your heaviest days. Also great for postpartum and pre-menopause.

Sporty: Leak-free, super-absorbent, designed to withstand ultra-movement and sweat.  Absorbs 8 to 10 tampons worth! I’m super absorbent, comfy and stylish and…. can run, spin, do squats, yoga, work out, mountain climb. Or I can just sit down and relax. I hold the gold medal in being waste-free. The Sporty. High Waisted is made from Pperiod Co’s  PeriodTech fabric - a super stretchy Nylon and Spandex knit that moves with you. As always, the gusset is made with organic cotton. When To Wear: doing a marathon, going to the supermarket, and everything in between.