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Sixth and Zero

Eco Bath Basics

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  • $ 45.00

Are you wanting to upgrade your eco game in the bathroom or give someone a gift that keeps giving?  Reduce your non-reusable plastic products and lighten your chemical load... or just upgrade to some really lovely and sustainably made eco luxury items!  (That can be REFILLED by the ounce in the future) 

This set is discounted from the retail price and we're including the perfect bag for free!


Unscented Skin Cream, 2 oz. Lavender (or scent of your choice) Deodorant, Lavender+Tangerine Lip Balm, Bamboo Toothbrush, 62 Tab Unpaste Tablets, The Soap Next Door Lavender Bar, and a FREE Cotton Eco Bag to hold it all together!