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Me Mother Earth

Double-Edged Safety Razor

  • $ 32.98

This stylish + eco-friendly safety razors are designed to be reused over and over - simply replace the blade, and enjoy a beautiful, close shave every time.

Save money and reduce waste!

Safety razors are not like your average razor and require a bit of a technique, so please watch our tutorial prior to using.

Includes: One safety razor, cotton travel pouch + 10 double edge razor blades.

Benefits: - Close + smooth shave - Skip the plastic waste - Save money + buy refill blades only - Blades are fully recyclable

Directions: - Exfoliate before shaving - Moisten the shaving area - Hold the handle at a shallow angle to skin, shave with little to no pressure in direction of hair growth. - Go slow + allow the weight of the razor to guide you, again, with no pressure. - Rinse frequently to avoid clogging.

Material: Copper alloy + zinc razor with GOTS cert. organic cotton bag. Zero plastic.

Size: 4.25" in length