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Period Company

Bikini Period Underwear

  • $ 14.00

Light Absorbency: Light to medium absorbency. Built for when your period is over the heavy days. Absorbs up to 4 regular tampons worth of flow. Hi, I’m a light and breezy bikini style for those light period days, though I have the confidence that comes with great absorbency. I’m made from organic cotton and cozy and comfy, but I feel a little more sassy than a Heavy Period bikini. I’m so light, you might even forget that you’re wearing Period underwear. I won’t hold that against you. And yes, I can be worn under leggings.  When to wear: on light days, during a light period, or if you’re on an IUD.

Heavy: Super absorbent, sleek style made for heavy days. Absorbs 9 tampons worth of flow or five pads. Yup. I’m for those days when your period has your foot down on the flow pedal. I have a little less fabric than the high-waisted, but with the same four-layer towel system I have just as much absorbency. My padding is designed to take whatever the flow throws, while making you feel extra secure and safe. Oh, did I also mention how cozy and comfy I am? Anything a tampon or pad can do, I can do so much better.  When to wear:  On your heaviest days. Also great for postpartum and perimenopause.

Sporty: Leak-free, super-absorbent, designed to withstand ultra-movement and sweat.  Absorbs 8 to 10 tampons worth! Your favorite bikini can now do a marathon, a spin class, a barre class, you name it! Or I’m just great for a busy day of running around.  I’m currently the world champion in being waste-free and super-absorbent. The Sporty. Bikini is made from Period Co’s PeriodTech™ fabric - a super stretchy Nylon and Spandex knit that moves with you. As always, the gusset is made with organic cotton.  When To Wear: doing a marathon, going to the supermarket, and everything in between.