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Period Company

Period Sleeper Short

  • $ 22.00

Heavy absorbency: designed for heavy nights, mid flow nights and outrageous day 1s.  

Absorbs up to 10 tampons or 6 pads of flow. 

I’m dedicated to giving you a good night’s sleep on your period. I have a built in five layer padding that absorbs vertical flow and horizontal flow, because when you sleep your period can flow a little differently and I want to make sure your night is leak proof.  I’m made of soft organic cotton and am cozy, comfy and snug so you feel safe and secure and like you’re wearing a combo of your favorite leggings and PJs. I’m also great for those outrageous first heavy days, when if you have an option of laying on a couch all day, you take it. Sleep well. By Period Co  

When to wear: on heavy nights, or very heavy days.