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keep cup

Keep Cup

  • $ 24.00

The world's first barista standard reusable cup.

Press fit lid, lovely to drink from lid on or off.
Natural cork band.
Durable tempered glass.
Drafted vessel for easy pour.

Designed to enjoy the craft and sensory drinking pleasure of coffee on the go.

12 oz : Our most popular size and often the smallest size at multi-store coffee chains. The internal volume is similar to a large mug.

16 oz : Our largest offering and the popular midsize volume for multi-store coffee chains. At almost half a litre, it’s a versatile choice for tea, iced beverages and smoothies as well as coffee.

- Designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning.
- Handwash only.
- Heat to 100°C / 212°F. Lid off only.
Replacement parts available
- One-year warranty on defects and faults