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Aromatics International

Facial Hydrosols

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Rose Otto: Rose otto damascena hydrosol has a powerful, sensual, rosy-floral aroma. It brings the intoxicating scent of roses into your natural skincare routine (especially if you don’t have the expensive rose essential oil). Rose’s conditioning benefits skin shine with this enchanting hydrosol—use it to rejuvenate mature skin, soothe dry or irritated skin, calm hot and red areas, and more. Rose hydrosol is even gorgeous all by itself as a perfume! Our rose otto damascena hydrosol is steam distilled from certified organic roses in the Northwestern USA.

Mood - Calm: Relax before bedtime with a rose hydrosol body spray.

Complexion - Skincare: Spritz your face with rose hydrosol as a toner both morning and night—great for mature, reddened skin!

Complexion - Sun: Cooling and calming for hot, inflamed skin.

Frankincense: One of Aromatics's best-selling hydrosols! This dry, balsamic, resinous frankincense hydrosol smells like a delicate version of the essential oil, and is beloved for its restorative effects for skin. Frankincense’s wisdom creates clarity on inner and outer levels, helping skin appear more glowing and radiant, deepening the breath, and connecting the heart with peace. Let frankincense bring quiet beauty into your life! Our certified organic frankincense hydrosol is steam distilled in the USA from the resin of the Boswellia carterii tree.

Complexion - Skincare: Spritz your face with frankincense hydrosol throughout the day for a radiant, clear complexion.

Relax - Meditation: Diffuse frankincense hydrosol for peaceful meditation. Simply use it instead of water in your diffuser!

Breathe - Cold Season: Gargle with frankincense hydrosol during cold season to help calm your throat and breath.

Rose Geranium Light, sweet, and floral, rose geranium hydrosol makes an exquisite perfume spray. It has a cooling, purifying influence on the entire system, able to support the body’s natural cleansing processes. This makes it excellent for clogged, congested skin (even if skin appears red and puffy). Using rose geranium for skincare can create a clear, radiant complexion. Its overall balancing effects also instill the spirit with calm, positive emotions. Our certified organic rose geranium hydrosol is steam distilled from plants cultivated in the USA

Calendula A classic skincare essential! Calendula hydrosol is renowned for all things “skin.” It’s perfect for daily skin care, for skin that needs extra love and care (such as acne-prone skin), and for urgent issues asking for quick relief. Calendula hydrosol’s gentle yet strong presence offers profound emotional support for sudden distressing events, as well as for long-standing wounds of the heart. Our certified organic calendula hydrosol is steam distilled from the yellow flowers of plants in the USA, cultivated solely for hydrosol distillation.