Eco Kitchen Kit

  • $ 45.00

We've put together a collection of some of our absolutely favorite items to upgrade your experience in the kitchen and downgrade your carbon footprint!

This kit includes:

a cotton Eco Bag perfect for the bulk section at the grocery store to eliminate your dependence on those single-use plastic bags

SKOY cloths and scrubs, powerhouses in the kitchen and eliminating your need for papertowels, sponges and brushes

a Bees Wrap in the perfect versatile size to wrap up your avocado or seal a bowl of watermelon without plastic wrap

a stainless steel straw to use all day long as you hydrate at home or on the road

a Stasher reusable and dishwasher-safe bag to take your sandwich or snacks with you

an organic bamboo spork for the car so you can say "no thank you" to plastic silverware or for impromptu picnics

an organic bamboo pot scraper that you'll wonder how you did without

and last but certainly not least - a FREE Keep Me Handy bar of soap perfect for the kitchen and a cedar soap deck!