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BKind Nail Polish

  • $ 14.00
vegan, 77% plant-based, 21-FREE, professional-grade nail polish applies easily, dries quickly, and gives you a long-lasting, luminous finish.
For best results, try it with base and top coats!
15 ml Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 2 cm
Now you can enjoy beautiful colored nails while respecting animals, the environment and yourself! ☺

Base coat: fast drying, fortifying and restorative, the base coat contains bamboo extract, AHAs, vitamin E and Squalane, an extremely hydrating compound for revitalized nails.
Matte Top coat: perfect matte finish, also contains a UV inhibitor which prevents yellowing.
Glossy Top coat: fast drying, shine enhancer and protective top coat for long-lasting, glossy manicures. 
Formulated with Shea butter, avocado fruit extract, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract and spinach leaf extract to condition and strengthen your nails, keeping them supple and healthy. Nitrocellulose-free and non yellowing formula.

Cancer: vivid and luminous shade of coral. ♋️
Capricorn: classic forest green. ♑️

Gemini: rich and opaque candy pink ♊️
Leo: classic and opaque tomato red. ♌
Libra: very soft, but solid green jade. ♎
Pisces: hazy and pale turquoise blue. ♓️
Sagittarius: shiny and opaque emerald blue. ♐️
Scorpio: dark burgundy red. ♏
Taurus: refreshing passionfruit yellow. ♉️
Virgo: creamy sand yellow. ♍

Cosmo: a pearly magenta with pink undertones.
Lady in Red: a rich, scarlet creamy red.
Lovefool: a light orange with sparkly pink hues.
Sauge: a dark and opaque mossy green.