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Sixth and Zero

ScrubScription + UnPaste

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  • $ 36.50

Now you can have Sixth Street Soapery conveniently delivered right to your door!

Keep it simple. That’s the approach we’ve taken to making soap, now it’s the one we’re taking to delivering it.

Become a ScrubScriber + ... UnPaste!

By becoming a “ScrubScriber”, you get 4 bars of our amazing all natural soaps magically appearing on your doorstep every other month - straight from 6th Street to your street, at a delightfully affordable price.

And by choosing PLUS UnPaste, you've upgraded your ScrubScription by adding our eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste - 125 tablets in a certified compostable packet.

So, what do you get?

You get 4 bars of our amazing all natural soaps PLUS 1 packet of 125 UnPaste tablets, magically appearing on your doorstep every other month.

Is that it?  (Although it would still be super cool if it was...)

NO! In your first box receive a hand made soap saver net (Which totally makes bar soap convenient!)  as a THANK YOU for joining the cool kids.

You can trust that Mary will surprise you with a perfectly curated box of soaps (it's kinda like the ability to make an amazing mix tape, but different) or you are welcome to reply to your welcome email with your preferences.

And as a ScrubScriber, you'll also get a coupon code good for 10% off any other orders!