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Lymphatic Dry Skin Brush

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What is a Dry Skin Brush?

It’s a stiff bristled brush that when used properly, assists the body’s lymphatic system in detoxifying the body.  The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system, but it has no pumping mechanism.  Skin is the largest elimination organ of the body and brushing the skin encourages the lymph fluid to move and remove impurities. Therefore it is important to use a stiff bristle brush – to ensure that the lymphatic system gets pumping and does it’s job.  Brushing also exfoliates and cleanses the skin, allowing impurities to escape through pores.

Renewal Products considers themselves the leading provider of this remarkable item made from Coconut Fiber. 

The only questions is, do you want one with a handle or without? 

(Brushes WITHOUT the handle are the only option available for shipping)