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Ayate Washcloth or Back Scrubber

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  • $ 8.99

All natural fiber exfoliating washcloth helps to gently remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, revive dull skin, and promote healthy skin tone.

Keeping skin clean and pores open assists the body in its elimination of toxins.  Long lasting, the hand woven Ayate Cloth dries quickly and resists bacteria and mold.

Made from Agave plant fiber, a rapidly renewable resource which is also biodegradable.  Agave is grown in the wild without use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

First time use:  Soak in warm water to allow fibers to soften and swell.  The cloth will shrink in size.  After use:  Rinse well, wring out excess water and hang to dry.  Machine washable.

As this is a hand made product, there will be some variances. 

Wash Cloth : Approximately 12″x12″ prior to getting wet; 7″x7″ after.

Back Scrubber: Approximately 30″ x 12″ prior to getting wet

Your purchase helps support the Otomi Artisans that made this product.  Please visit our Making a Difference page to learn more.