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Warm, earthy, and spicy (with hints of new-mown hay), turmeric essential oil is often used to break cycles of chronic worry. Its comforting effects are also popular for sore muscles and joints and help the body naturally restore strength and health. Topical turmeric blends are potent; use a low dilution to protect skin (and clothes! The bright orange oil may stain light fabrics.) Our organically grown turmeric essential oil is steam distilled from the vivid orange rhizomes of flowering plants in India's bright, sunny landscape.

Relieve - Soreness

Massage your fingers and wrists with a joint care blend made with turmeric diluted in Trauma Oil.

Purify - Circulate

For areas that feel tender and puffy, gently apply a comforting blend of turmeric diluted in avocado oil.

Digest - Gas

Ready to eat a big meal? Use a pre-meal belly oil with turmeric to help prevent gas. (Careful of light-colored clothing.)

Dilute oils for topical application to avoid skin reactions in sunlight (just 2 drops per 1 oz of carrier).